Latest Work

The Drop
Role: Composer, iOS Developer
Softwares: Ableton, XCode (Swift)

Inspired by the modular composition process of The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations", I composed and mixed a song with sections that are able to be rearranged in any order. Additionally, I programmed an iOS app that allows the user to rearrange and playback the sections in their desired arrangement. The compositional techniques I used to preserve continuity between the sections are explored within the video demo!

Role: Sound Designer/Recording Engineer
Softwares: Pro Tools, Ableton, Unity, FMOD, Logic

The Greek myth of Orpheus has been told time and time again. This tale has been reimagined once again as a virtual reality experience by the VR Animation Studios at UC San Diego. Orpheus 

features an original soundtrack and vivid soundscapes that immerse the audience in this epic story of love.

The Orpheus sound team composed, recorded, mixed, and arranged all songs featured within the experience using Logic and Pro Tools. We wanted to capture the enchanting power of the lyre and represent characters and story elements through the composition. We supported the soundtrack by crafting soundscapes that reflected the moods within scenes. We built these sonic environments  utilizing field recordings and royalty-free samples. We then built and spacialized the audio using FMOD and the Unity engine.

MUS 177 Final Project
Role: Developer
Softwares: STM32CubeIDE
Language: C++

For my final project for Music Programming, I developed an FM synthesizer in C++ using the STM32 Discovery Kit. The synthesizer features three different carrier waveforms: sine, sawtooth, and square. The modulator is a sine wave. The values for each waveform are stored in a table for efficient look up speed to minimize latency. The modulation frequency is determined by a whole number ratio to the carrier frequency. This and the modulator amplitude are controlled by MIDI. 

MUS 172 
Final Project
Role: Developer
Softwares: PureData

For my final project for Computer Music II, I developed a drum machine, four voice wavetable synthesizer, and an effect rack. The drum machine can be programmed with four different sounds. The drum machine iterates over sixteen spaces at a user defined tempo. The user can program the rhythm within the given spaces. Each voice of the synthesizer has a customizable waveform that the user can draw themselves. The synthesizer also features two filters: A sweeping bandpass resonator with adjustable modulation rate and Q-value and a filter with an adjustable LFO rate. The effect rack features a flanger and delay for both the drum rack and synthesizer.

SFB Swell.wav
Stupid Fucking Bird
Role: Sound Designer
Softwares: Ableton, QLab

Stupid Fucking Bird is a play about a disturbed playwright tortured by his perceptions of himself and how others see him. In this age of hyper-connectivity, due to advancements in technology and the advent of social media, our identities are under more scrutiny than ever. As sound designer for Stupid Fucking Bird, I attempted to realize director Andrea Van Den Boogard’s vision of technology as a catalyst for identity crisis. 

For this play, I collected sound bites from various social media websites like Facebook and Instagram and triggered them during the performance using both QLab and Ableton. As seen in the sample audio "SFB Swell", I chose the sounds that best encapsulate modern anxiety then manipulated their pitch and timing, warping familiar sounds and disorienting the audience.

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