Hello, I'm Kenji!

I am a sound designer and software engineer based in San Diego dedicated to applying my recording and composition expertise in the intersection of art and technology. I aim to develop audio software and use existing programs to create memorable and emphatic experiences in music, video games, and cinema. 


As a musician, I have been recording a wide selection of music using Ableton and Pro Tools for around five years each. Since attending UC San Diego, I have expanded my project scope and have worked sound design for theatre productions as well as TritonXR, a virtual reality entertainment student organization. I have worked on several theatre productions creating sound effects like notification sound bites that I further edited and triggered using QLab. For TritonXR, I worked on a team to compose songs and design soundscapes for a VR rendition of the Greek myth of Orpheus. The summation of my experiences have made me a versatile audio engineer that can rise to any occasion. 

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